• innovative solutions

    We focus on renewable energy and emissions reduction

  • Energy Efficiency

    The energy and resources that we waste today will not be available to our future generations.

  • protect our environment

    The letters are red but the message is green.

  • Geodyamnics

    Geothermal Demostration Power Plant - For present and future renewable energy needs.


Our Team


Our Expertise

Key Personnel

Mahendra Kent

Principal Engineer – Power, Process and Energy

Mahendra is a mechanical engineer with 35 years’ experience in power and process industries having worked in design, research, commissioning, production and project management roles in U.K. and Australia. Mahendra has held several senior positions in power industry and consulting roles. Mahendra has prepared and presented power station project proposals in Australia, China, India, Southeast Asia, Cuba, and Fiji and has present the proposals at government ministerial levels.


John Willkie

Business Development and Project Support

John has over 35 years’ experience in workplace relations at both macro and micro levels covering a range of industry including Construction, Manufacturing, Oil, Paper and Power Generation. His role extended to state and national levels at various times involving him in all facets of Award Restructure, Industry Restructure, Privatisation, Corporatisation, Commercialisation, and Outsourcing