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    We focus on renewable energy and emissions reduction

  • Energy Efficiency

    The energy and resources that we waste today will not be available to our future generations.

  • protect our environment

    The letters are red but the message is green.

  • Geodyamnics

    Geothermal Demostration Power Plant - For present and future renewable energy needs.


Our Main Services



Power GenerationFor more than 20 years Powerplant Engineering Services has offered a comprehensive range of services including operation and maintenance to clients across power industries.


Dairy, Food
and Beverage

We have been providing range of professional engineering services including process optimization and thermal engineering to Dairy, Beverage and Food industries.


Energy Efficiency
Today, industries faces a range of energy challenges. We assist our clients in process optimisation, selection of efficient equipment, better performance of existing assets and reduction in carbon footprint.


Asset Management
We have a proven track record in finding solutions to various plant, process, operation and maintenance challenges. We pride ourselves on helping our clients conduct their operations with the highest levels of safety, reliability and efficiency, all while maintaining the cost and integrity of assets.


and Training

Mentoring and training has been recognised by industries as important factor in achieving successful outcomes. We have been providing mentoring and training to young professionals with desire to "give back" and pass on experience to future generation. We view new talent as the future of our success.


Regulatory Compliance
Powerplant Engineering Services assists industries and organisations to comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to the design of plant and equipment as well as environment.


Project Management
At Powerplant Engineering Services getting the job done on time is key. We manage projects and deliver our stated objectives on budget and on time.